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  • The Works

    1. 01


      $11.95 - $14.50* per person

      Your choice of carne asada*, pollo asado, carnitas or adobada.

      Includes savory rice, refried pinto beans, guacamole, salsa Mexicana, and tortillas of your choice. You and your guests make your own tacos and plates!

      *carne asada is $14.50 per person

    2. 02


      $9.95 per person

      Your choice of cheese, shredded beef, or shredded chicken.

      Includes savory rice, refried pinto beans and lettuce.

    3. 03

      Rolled tacos

      $8.50 per person

      Your choice of shredded beef, shredded chicken, or mashed potato.

      Includes savory rice, refried pinto beans and guacamole.

    4. 04

      Cheese quesadilla

      $7.95 per person

      Cut in fourths, with your choice of cheddar or jack cheese.

      Includes savory rice and refried pinto beans.

  • Pick and

    Food Small Large
    Rolled Tacos w/ Cotija Cheese 25 Count $34.00 50 Count $62.00
    Carne Asada Small Tray $140.00 Large Tray $345.00
    Pollo Asado Small Tray $95.00 Large Tray $250.00
    Carnitas Small Tray $95.00 Large Tray $250.00
    Adobada Small Tray $95.00 Large Tray $250.00
    Machaca Small Tray $80.00 Large Tray $235.00
    Chorizo Small Tray $80.00 Large Tray $235.00
    Enchiladas Filled w/cheese, shredded beef, or shredded chicken 18 Count $50.00
    Carne Asada Chips or Fries Large Tray $95.00
    Salad Small Tray $45.00 Large Tray $100.00
    Rice Small Tray $36.75 Large Tray $89.25
    Beans Small Tray $36.75 Large Tray $89.25
    Guacamole Pint $16.50 32oz $33.00
    Salsa Mexicana Pint $8.95 32oz $17.95
    Chips Bag $6.50
    Tortillas Flour - 1 Dozen $8.95 Corn - 1 Dozen $5.25
    Hot Sauce Pint $4.45 32oz $8.95
  • Details

    The works

    All prices are per person and subject to change.
    Cutlery is available upon request.

    Pick & Choose:
    Small Tray serves 15 people
    Large Tray serves 40-45 people

    Rice & Beans
    Small Tray serves 25-30 people
    Large Tray serves 75-90 people

    Carne Asada Chips or Fries
    Serves 8 people

    A 24-hour notice is required on all Party Tray orders. A 5% service charge
    will be placed on all canceled orders. A delivery fee of $25 may apply.

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