Lolita's Mexican Food Adobada with a Side of Rice and Beans


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  • The Works

    1. 01


      $9.95 PER PERSON

      Your choice of carne asada, pollo asado, carnitas or adobada.

      Includes savory rice, refried pinto beans, guacamole, salsa Mexicana, and tortillas of your choice. You and your guests make your own tacos and plates!

    2. 02


      $8.75 per person

      Your choice of cheese, shredded beef, or shredded chicken.

      Includes savory rice, refried pinto beans and lettuce.

    3. 03

      Rolled tacos

      $7.50 per person

      Your choice of shredded beef, shredded chicken, or mashed potato.

      Includes savory rice, refried pinto beans and guacamole.

    4. 04

      Cheese quesadilla

      $7.00 per person

      Cut in fourths, with your choice of cheddar or jack cheese.

      Includes savory rice and refried pinto beans.

  • Pick and

    Rolled Tacos w/ Cotija Cheese 25 Count $30.00 50 Count $55.00
    Carne Asada Small Tray $85.00 Large Tray $215.00
    Pollo Asado Small Tray $75.00 Large Tray $195.00
    Carnitas Small Tray $75.00 Large Tray $195.00
    Adobada Small Tray $75.00 Large Tray $195.00
    Machaca Small Tray $55.00 Large Tray $150.00
    Chorizo Small Tray $55.00 Large Tray $150.00
    Enchiladas Filled w/cheese, shredded beef, or shredded chicken 18 Count $40.00
    Carne Asada Chips or Fries Large Tray $65.00
    Rice Small Tray $35.00 Large Tray $85.00
    Beans Small Tray $35.00 Large Tray $85.00
    Guacamole Pint $13.00 Small Tray $70.00
    Salsa Mexicana Pint $8.00 Small Tray $45.00
    Chips Small Tray $6.00 Large Tray $12.00
    Tortillas Flour - 1 Dozen $5.00 Corn - 1 Dozen $4.00
    Hot Sauce Pint $3.00
  • Details

    The works

    All prices are per person and subject to change.
    Cutlery is available upon request.

    Pick & Choose:
    Small Tray serves 15 people
    Large Tray serves 40-45 people

    Rice & Beans
    Small Tray serves 25-30 people
    Large Tray serves 75-90 people

    Carne Asada Chips or Fries
    Serves 8 people

    A 24-hour notice is required on all Party Tray orders. A 5% service charge
    will be placed on all canceled orders. A delivery fee of $25 may apply.

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